General informationName: EZY-BOX 8000 HDTV PVRSystem type: DVB-SDevices type: HDTV PVR ReceiverManufacturer: Sat-PlaceLast update: 18.07.2007Data sheet: missingCurrent firmware: does not admit
Technical characteristicsCI Slots: 2Cardreader: NeinTwin Tuner: NoPVR suited: YesScart connection: Yes, 2 piecesUSB connection: YesLan connection: No
DescriptionThe EZY-BOX 8000 HDTV PVR is a HDTV non removable disks Receiver. The equipment gives it as PVR to ready (only non removable disks prepared) and with inserted non removable disks up to 750 GB. The larger non removable disks are necessary, since a HDTV film needs 5-10 subject at data set approximately. The non removable disks are attached over the SATA interface. The equipment is naturally also capable of of PayTV. At the front side of the EZY-BOX 8000 HDTV PVR is 2 CI Slots. In the case of the display of the EZY-BOX 8000 HDTV PVR it concerns an alphanumeric display, which can indicate the transmitter names. The DVB-S and DVB-S2 kind of condition and the Mepg2 and Mpeg4 technology are supported. Naturally also the deferred television (time SHIFT) is supported. There are a multilingual OSD menu, videotex, 7 days EPG and USB of 2,0 connections.