BBC channels will join the Cyfra +? There are signs that the thematic channels BBC, available up to now only offer of Cyfrowy Polsat, soon widen offer of satellite platform Cyfra +. There is a chance that it will soon offer Cyfra + new channels join BBC. How do we inform readers of the website Cyfra +, including the presentation of TV channels, there are already descriptions of the new station - BBC Knowledge and BBC Lifestyle. There are signs that the thematic channels the BBC is part of the changes planned for the autumn offer Cyfra +.

It is possible that the BBC channels will also offer television, "n". Recall that, when the BBC HD informed the operator that this is the first step in the partnership agreement concluded between the TV, "n" and BBC Worldwide Channels.

To date, thematic channels are available on the BBC in an exclusive offer of Cyfrowy Polsat. A few weeks ago and TV Cyfra + "n" joined to their tender for the BBC HD channel.