Nabilo v8 Mod lonas v4 mbox 023.4.r - newcs 1.67

Flaswizard charged without problems but I'm recommending that you have dreamup the forum to load these images.

* New Bootlogo boot.
* Only 18% occupied at / var (recieninstalada, then with some other plugin I'm at 30%).
* New Default Skin modified for Mbox04 Rihana_NET (includes d1 and d2 on the screen).
* Picture enhancement completely, eliminating all that is in use.
* Emus Mbox04 installed (023.4.r) and newcs (ready to put the card with the plate low and rular pa).
* Installed scripts: Borrafakes of the compi Borraoffs cthulhufhtagn + plugin.
* Added in / var / keys / and ignore.list updated date.
* Las Emus ... been installed in the / (root)
* Routes of Emus changed and now are / bin / and mbox / bin / newcs (mbox eye to configure the control center and remember this.)
* Cwshare preconfigured with line C just to add your Dlin to it (do not substitute your own, just add your Dlin and delete the ones you are, remember to leave the C line to read the card and add your provider)
* To run the standby recalls scrpt amend and replace where it says your password dreambox for your dream or will not work if you changed the password if nothing changes nothing changes.
* The image is optimized for virtual or local Mbox, you only have to meterle the channel list and enjoy it.
* Plugin Mbox Center to see stats, color, card, etc ... (Click yellow button to access this)
* Default is slo in Mbox so you will have to go to the blue button and select the command newcs + mbox for you to read your xaed
* The image is pre-configured to read a card 0504 1700 X-Dream TV (13E) if you want to read another changes the providers for yours on the line C and line H and also adds that apply in the folder 50000.list G keys by changing the lines that apply to your providers.
* This image is a respected around the web interfax as not to remove anything from 100 per 100 Nabil.
* Restarted one at 4:20 am and 4:45 put one in standby (recuierda put your password to the script) if you want to change this by accessing the nabcron.dat in / var / etc / and edit or control right from the blue button and blue button again.
* Fixed a few bugs that had previous versions of Nabil v8 this is much more stable than even the v3 and has so many stupid things.
* The script is added loq ue to boot every time you boot or reboots the dream that you start metais loq ue to within the same script, only when he has introduced borrafakes borraoff and which by a sleep to 3600 seconds (one hour) begin to function in this way we prevent the dream start to hang anything else because they do not start at the same peace that emus, we have given an hour's gap between the start of the emus and the script not to be hung and let the mbox make your function hello and such things.

This image does not bring any more script and only borraoff borrafakes, by the time I've seen foulbrood no problems is happening a lot lately,

Remember and ignore.list update by that of the thread specific to this in the forum
not if I'm missing something but if I remember but will put it on the fly ....

remember that the settings for the Mbox Control Center now is this:

Nombre de archivo: mbox
direccion ip: la tuya jeje
Ruta Mbox: /bin
Ruta Keys: /var/keys
Ruta Temp: /tmp
Ruta Mbox cfg: /var/keys/mbox.cfg