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Thread: Universal Remote Control For Dreambox DM100

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    Universal Remote Control For Dreambox DM100

    hi guys i need urgent help. I have dreambox DM100 I dont have the remote control for it. i googled what kind of remote will work with DM100, but couldnt find anything. I will appreciate if someone can help me find a remote that will work with DM100.

    These are the brand i tried but didnt work
    1. Jensen JR300
    2. Samsung HP T5404 TV's control
    3. Viewsat, KBox and Nano2 controllers.

    I managed to get these controls from here and there but nothing worked. i used other FTA controllers because i couldnt find DM100's one.

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    Re: Universal Remote Control For Dreambox DM100

    which model of universal remote which works on the receiver dreambox DM100

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