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    matrix creator


    how can I ceate a new file for matrix rev, not to update, i mean to creat for ex. create mrv2.28 is there any editor for it?
    please let me know for more information

    thank you

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    Re: matrix creator


    I had the same question months ago. I couldnt find any infos about Matrix CAM (documentation, program structure, sources). What I found was some informations about Magic CAM. You may find it if you search for "" under google. Also the assembler is called ARM-SDT (win) or arm-elf for linux. I'm not sure it these can be used for matrix as long as I couldn compile anything for matrix .

    I hope this helps.
    If you want to change only the name...use a HEX editor...

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    Re: matrix creator

    I don't think the source codes have be released. It seems to be part of the Matrix game, bring out a new cam and stop support for the last cam.

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