Sundtek usb DVB-T/C Installation on a Dreambox


You need to connect to your dreambox, this can either be done using telnet or DCC 1.20

following use cases have been reported to be successful:

internal tuner / external usb tuner
HD capture int. / SD watching USB
SD capture int. / HD watching USB
SD capture int. / SD watching USB

1. connect to the dreambox

2. go to tools - telnet, change to the tmp directory and download following file

run following commands in the telnet window:
cd /tmp
chmod 755
run the installer with following command
you'll be asked if you accept this installation (don't worry nothing bad can happen) y

afterwards you can choose an option which mode should be used, change to the startscripts with following command:
cd /usr/script
the command ls will show up the available files in the corresponding directory

if you want to set up DVB-C to be started automatically:
for using the DVB-T mode automatically whenever you reboot the dreambox:
after this reboot your dreambox and your dreambox converts to a dualtuner settopbox