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Thread: Latest Version of Daum PotPlayer

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    Latest Version of Daum PotPlayer


    PotPlayer 1.5.23965

    • + Add to the center of the screen playback
    • + Add to maintain margins have subtitles
    • + Add streaming capabilities directly save DHTV
    • + Add command line parameters automatically play (/ autoplay)
    • + Add the function to use Direct3D 9Ex
    • + Add font smoothing of the total production
    • + Add the preferred track language features
    • Support + Add-on-demand for animation has the logo GIF
    • + Add a logo to support on-demand Flash file format (SWF) features (32 - bit)
    • - Fixed video on demand storage problems occasionally interrupted
    • - Fixed can not play some MP4 audio files problem
    • - Fixed the use of animated GIF logo
    • - Fixed alpha channel demand in the treatment of PNG logo
    • - Sets of unknown type CPU, the problem can not be executed
    • - The permanent removal of temporary files in a number of issues
    • - Fixed mouse clicks in an area of skin problems dealing with invalid
    • - Subtitles fixed with "-" agreement will force the left aligned address issues identified
    • - Fixed some H264 TS file format to identify reproductive problems - Fixed problems associated with the expansion of renovation
    • - Fixed markers / chapters identify display problems
    • - Fixed ARGB -> YV12 color conversion error problem - fixed aspect ratio calculated using EVR rendering error when the problem
    • - Fixed Intel GMA-HD video card black screen problem after open DXVA
    • - Modified the shortcut menu to sort the list will force the issue
    • - Fixed some computer problems in an invalid argument error
    • - Fixed some VC-1 encoded video playback can not be decoded with DMO
    • - DTS-HD and DTS fixed through the problem of imperfect
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