Any idea about the Bulsat (on Hellas Sat 2)key format input on Starcom X6300USB???
I have got Starcom X6300USB receiver but I do not know how to put the codes, I mean the format specifically. I can see all these on the TV screeen:Nagra,Nagra 2,ViaAccess 1, Viaaccess2,Sega,Irdeto 2,Cryptoworks, Cdw/biss... I am putting the code provided in this forum for Hellas sat 2 BUT DO NOT KNOW THE FORMAT EXACTLY, I AM STARTING WITH 4C85 ETC ETC..I AM PRESSING THE OK BUTTON ON THE REMOTE CONTROL AND IT DISAPPEARS. WHEN OPPENING AGAIN IT SEEMS THAT NOTHING IS BEING CHOSEN SPECIFIACCLY ( I MEAN WHEN PRESSING THE KEY EDITOR OPTION, it shows all the types of encription and then underneath it shows key select option and key;they both show none at the moment)...Can help me somehow???