Published: August 31, 2010 06.54 Europe/London

Dutch viewers are still avid users of the teletext services of both the public and private broadcasters, according to research carried out by Intomart GfK on behalf of RTL Nederland and SBS Broadcasting. Twelve million people of 13 years and older still access teletext on a regular basis.

Remarkably, young people between 13 and 19 years old are the most active users of the service, but the public broadcasters’ teletext service is more popular with older viewers. For all channels, the News and TV Guide categories are the most popular. For RTL, the gossip pages of RTL Boulevard are also popular.

Television is still the most popular means of accessing the text services, but 34% use the internet, while 16% also mobile. The mobile users are usually younger and better educated and access the service throughout the day. For television, 18.00-24.00 is prime time for teletext.

95% of the 1,500 respondents said teletext is an up to date medium, while 84% finds it easily accessible. On average, Dutch viewers give teletext a 7.1 (out of 10) points score. These results are remarable for a 30 years old medium – but there is a yet no digital text service from Dutch broadcasters.

Only yesterday, German public broadcaster ZDF announced the launch of a new teletext service on its ZDFneo digital channel.