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Thread: Tools For Vantage HD

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    Tools For Vantage HD

    Vantage_HD _Toolbox _Ver. 2.0

    - more Tools & FAQs
    - add sound and new images
    - Style fixed
    - Small bugs fixed

    Vantage_HD _Toolbox _Ver. 2.0
    - first Version





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    Re: Tools For Vantage HD


    This Program administrate the content of a Vantage HDD Satellite Receiver.
    ***README*** Vantage Explorer Last Update : 17-Aug-2011 Current Author: Raoul van Bergen Previous Author: mChansy until 0.0.4
    Current version: *** 17.08.2011
    new version - Added EPG switch button to switch EPG and EPG2, this is usefull in case a recorded item was programmed with pre-start time as EPG will contain info of the previous programm and EPG2 of the programm you intended to record so on the final recording you want the real EPG info to be in EPG
    16.08.2011 new version - Added display, editing and saving of EPG2 information in IFO file
    14.08.2011 new version - Increased number of files which can be processed in import batch to 128 max
    12.08.2011 new version - updated the "import" function to allow selection of multiple files which are queued in the process window and will now be processed without user intervention until finished. Also the processed filename is shown for which the processform has a wider default size so this name is actually shown
    23.06.2011 new version 0.0.6 alpha - added raoulvb as developer - corrected error trapping for drives not available - converted project to VS2010, will now also run fine under Win7
    15.12.2009 new Alpha 0.0.4 The new version is available. Thanks yogibuh it is now possible to read the EPG data, edit and save. Furthermore, there is now an English and German interface. The import and export has been added to the integrated TSRemuxer.
    22.11.2009 new Alpha 0.0.3 In the new version are the following changes have been added: - Deleting Folders and movies - create movie folder - exporting movies by TS
    20.08.2009 New version alpha new changes: - Icons in the tree view, this point on whether it is an SD or HD recording acts. Was found no preview of the film is additionally marked as NEW. - When starting the program now will be asked where to find the record folder.
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