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Thread: Itgate Tgm220 confusions

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    Cool Itgate Tgm220 confusions

    Hi new member first post,i have a ITGATE TGM 220 which i used to use on cable network however have got a Sat Tuner coming from good old fleabay,and at present using a Technomate 6900HD Combo without ethernet connection on a motorized 85cm dish.Itgate for upstairs to use with ethernet connection if poss.
    First will the itgate work the motorised dish via the coax cable.
    Second i think the last cable image was 7.9 where is the best place to get images and downloads now there is know Satkings site.Is it also true that dreambox downloads can be used if so which model.
    Any info will be much appricated cheers.

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    Re: Itgate Tgm220 confusions

    Itgate C Panel is now back up and running just add new c Panel to var/etc on URUK images .............Paul

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