Hallo guys,

I know that many of you are tire from all Sat Noobs like me , but you all ever have started with this kind of questions. So please help me.

Question 1:
I have a MR 1.100 loader 3.0.9. I know that it's an old version. So I would like to update it, but I don't know how? And actually what advantage there is if I will update it to latest version? I have a Extreme Sat. Maybe I can use some other better emulator?

Question 2:
I am a big footbal fan. So earlier I watched on Hotbird the SKY CHANNELS..(sport1.2.3 and Milan channel - because I am a Milan fan) I put Titaniumcard in. So after some period all chanels start don't work anymore ... If there some way to watch this channels now? Please help me

Question 3:
A couple days ago all TPS channels start do not work also, because they had changed some AES codes... So I found this codes, but I'ts impossible to write this codes with remote. How can I do that? Please help me.

P.S Sorry for my bad English.

All greets,