Published: September 3, 2010 11.00 Europe/London

LG has received the official endorsement from Sky as its first choice supplier of 3DTVs ahead of the consumer launch of the Sky 3D channel.

Both Sky and LG will engage in a joint marketing campaign ahead of the October 1 launch. It is estimated that some one million people have already viewed Sky’s 3D telecasts in pubs and clubs up and down the country. LG was responsible for supplying passive 3DTV displays to the pub trade and is the only manufacturer that produces both passive and active models. LG has recentl added new 3D plasma TV and ultra slim sets to its range.

“Making 3D technology a genuine reality in people’s homes relies on the pairing of great hardware and compelling content. Our partnership with Sky recognises just this,” said Stephen Gater, head of marketing LG Home Entertainment Company. “Together we are committed to educating consumers about our full 3D TV range and demonstrating how they can best view the new content that will available to them in the home.”

A series of denonstrations of Sky 3D content is planned to help consumers understand the technology available and encourage them to purchase the sets for their living room.

Sky’s 3D broadcasts are available through the three million Sky+ HD set-top boxes.