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Thread: DreamBoX Media Show Player V1.0 By YASSINOV

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    DreamBoX Media Show Player V1.0 By YASSINOV

    Welcome to DreamBoX Media Show Player

    Latest News :
    DreamBoX Media Show Player new launch

    General Features:
    -Multi Interfaces Player
    -Multi images Support
    -Multi Systems Support
    -Flexible Interface
    -Media Show with New ideas
    -Ultimate Support & Updates

    Specific Features:
    -New Video Interface based WMP Integrated ActiveX (All versions Supported)
    -Vlc Video Interface Support (Reserved Comin SoOn)
    -Compact Video Mode
    -Widescreen Video mode
    -Full Screen Mode
    -Volume Control
    -Favorite Tv Mode (Hot! & Fast "Supported For PLI images")
    -Auto Check & Multi Check Software Settings ,Module & Codecs
    -Record (Reserved& Coming SoOn with Hot Features)
    -Software Updates & Support (Hot! Download specific version or RollBack no forced Download)
    -Software Actions monitor & Errors Repporter

    Best regards , yassinov

    Enjoy The Show : )
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