Newbie to linux and setup debian recently so I can start to share. Got smargo working, card shared to my own AZ Box successfully and so the hardest part so I thought was over. Now all to do was to setup DNS and start to share with the outside world..........but this is where I've been totally stuck for the past 2 days solid!

Please could someone help as this is driving my nuts and I'm about ready to hulk out and smash the whole lot up. I've spent hours upon hours trying to figure this out, search and read all tuts I can get my hands on but there is nothing for a complete newbie trying to understand and set up DNS. I'm in dyer need of a step by step newbie guide to setting up DNS correctly.

What I've done so far....

1. Set up DNS at dyndns using the dynamic address appointed by ISP.

2. Open ports 12000 and 16001 in router and checked they are open.

3. Confirmed 'Server Listen Port and webinfo listen port' is present and correct in cccam.cfg

If I type the DNS, e.g mydns.dyndns.tv into address bar I can access router control panal. If I enter mydns.dyndns.tv:16001 I should be seeing cccam info but all I get is 'Unable to connect'. Its as if the port is not open, but it defo is, 100% (tested with shield up amoung many others).

Cccam running fine as I can access cccam info and share (local to my own AZ Box) if using static server IP as DNS.

Help please!