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Thread: TRRPanel 1beta R10 E2 OpenPli VU+

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    TRRPanel 1beta R10 E2 OpenPli VU+

    TRRPanel 1.0beta R10 E2 OpenPli VU+

    Install Manual SSH:

    Install Manual FTP:

    Copy file TRRPanel.xml to /etc/ppanels/

    After installing the script Auto-Start EMU, remember to boot automatically to Reboot or shut down your device, you must configure the menu:

    Now you can restart without problems, your Emulation Script start automatically.


    • [+] Pli TDT Hack [Af9015] by Tomasturbado

    You can upgrade from the command.

    To work the invention of Tomasturbado friend, we have to get off the last of such .... USB OpenPli and decompress.

    Then we got this other file and decompress DreamElite also:

    Copy the file in the folder kernel_cfe_auto.bin image OpenPli we have fallen: /vuplus/duo/kernel_cfe_auto.bin, overwrite an existing.

    Now the image is already patched, put it in the usb as usual, and flashes the VU.

    Then you can launch the TRRPanel and utility.
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