By Julian Clover
Published: September 10, 2010 07.35 Europe/London

IBC 2010 – AMSTERDAM. If you can afford to buy your own private yacht, then your own video-on-demand system is an obvious requirement. SnapTV, the Oslo-based IP video specialist has just supplied an Infotainment system to The World, the largest private yacht on the planet, and the only ocean-based residential community.

The World, managed by ResidenSea, is a 644-foot, 12-deck vessel, similar in size to many large passenger ships. It is owned by its residents who hail from over 40 different countries. Most are onboard periodically as the ship continuously circumnavigates the globe.

“We chose SnapTV for our new IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) distribution system due to their leading-edge technology, comprehensive system and superior product quality,” said ResidenSea’s chief financial officer Patrick Webster. “SnapTV is the right company to help us achieve our ‘best of the best’ standards in elevating the onboard TV experience on The World.”

The SnapTV system provides real-time messaging to residents, guests and staff; ship information; on-demand movies; and a large number of global television channels, enabling viewers a wide choice of local language TV. Broadcast TV programmes from multiple countries are pulled down from satellites, allowing them to be viewed on-demand by the number of different nationalities on-board.

Privately funded SnapTV was founded in 2005. It partners with system integrators and has a variety of customers in the maritime- oil and gas market.