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Thread: Wondering about this ...

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    Wondering about this ...


    I see that Bulsat 39E Irdetto 2 is open.
    I wonder why the rest of Irdetto 2 is still not open ?
    (orbit showtime for example or ADD)

    People post viaccess 2.5-2.6 files to open Biss/TPS/france.
    There's a lot of other channels that uses also viaccess 2.5-2.6
    Still not open ? Why ?

    Must we really buy a Dreambox and start sharing stuff ?
    At least we have a couple of 1000's of channels

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    Re: Wondering about this ...

    yes bulsat,osn,art,digiturk,.pink,......
    are irdeto2 but caids and providers are different..
    they can hack a provider,but maybe this provider found in bulsat and not found on osn....
    i hear about a code number as i think..
    if you want to hack a bouquet you must have its PMK at first of all.
    i hear that is very expensive..
    Nova was hacked before but it is always changing keys every two hours,so it is like CCw..we are not ready to put keys every two hours..bulsatcom is very good because it changes keys every about ten days....
    Bis and Canalsat are viacess but providers different,,if canalsat has the same providers of Bis,we will find it still hacked..and so..on..

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