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Thread: 4.8e sirius , Viasat Xtra PL2 , low SNR ?

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    4.8e sirius , Viasat Xtra PL2 , low SNR ?

    Hi All,

    I want to watch a match at 3pm today on 4.8e sirius , Viasat Xtra PL2 but at present I am only getting 18% SNR and 16% AGC .. Does anybody know if this channel just isnt broadcasting yet or is my dish too small (80cm)


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    Re: 4.8e sirius , Viasat Xtra PL2 , low SNR ?

    According to I believe it is on the nordic beam, and your is dish too small, you need at least >120cm.
    May be you can receive the same channel on Thor 1 West as it also should be sent there, and Thor I believe it has a stronger signal (44-47 erp in UK, Lyngsat don't show dish size).

    I know the answer is to late but for coming matches it may be useful.

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