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Thread: Dream Box 800 HD Clone

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    Dream Box 800 HD Clone

    I am new to Dreambox. I want to know, Is there any procedure to know which image is best for my box. It is 800 HD clone

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    Re: Dream Box 800 HD Clone


    No!!! each image can give you something better...

    With a clone use only image without time bomb (gemini ) "see dreambox > image section to choose one.

    I'm using newnigma 2 on original part but you need to choose the best for you.

    Have a look here

    Good choice & BR

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    Smile Re: Dream Box 800 HD Clone

    Hello rizwanawan,

    Gemini is normal but in the memory - what do not you like it?
    I think it's great.

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    Re: Dream Box 800 HD Clone

    Please tell me, If there is any step by step guide to connect with pc and use the images. Thank you.

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    Exclamation Flashing a new firmware (image) by Browser

    What you need to flash
    What you need to flash
    You need the image file you want to flash. Image files have the extension *.nfi. You can't flash other
    images like *.img files. Don't try it - it won't work.
    You need either a DHCP server, a configured bootloader or a serial cable and a terminal program
    like HyperTerm.
    You need a browser, and a network cable. If you connect the Dreambox directly to the PC,
    you need a cross cable, if you connect trough a switch/hub/router you need a normal
    (non-cross) cable.
    To flash a new image, you can use the second stage loader. It must be present and not broken.
    The following steps assume you have a DHCP server. If you don't have one, you have to setup
    an IP address in the bootloader's serial setup.

    - Power down the Dreambox, either using "shutdown" and by removing the power connector.
    Standby is not enough!
    - (1.) Press and hold the power button. Replug the power connector into the Dreambox.
    - (3.) A text "*** STOP ***" should appear. Now you can release the button.
    The bootloader entered the "waiting" mode.
    - (4.) Above the "*** STOP ***" text, there should appear an IP-address
    (four decimal values with a dot in between). If there appears the string "dhcp" instead,
    the box still searches for a DHCP server. Wait a bit. If it doesn't change, something doesn't
    work with the DHCP server. Check wether network cable is plugged in etc. If it just doesn't
    work, set an IP using the serial terminal)
    - Now, open a browser on your PC.
    (1.) enter in the address line "http://ip/" (where ip must be replaced with the value in the LCD).
    - (2.) on the bottom of the page, there's a link called "firmware upgrade". Click it.

    On the next page, you can select the flash image you want to flash. be sure that it has the ".nfi" extension.
    You can't flash other images (like .img)!
    - Click on "FLASH!" and wait. It might take some time to upload and flash the image.
    - Switch the box off again, and on again. The new image should be flashed and working

    Note: use for your clone to try only for the time being patched image with the boot loader that appears in the display!
    The first is safer for you and your box.


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