TV3's 3alacarta now on Playstation 3

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 16-09-2010

Spain's Catalan broadcaster TV3's 3alacarta internet video service is extending its presence on new devices and gadgets with the launch of applications for Sony's Playstation 3 and also for Philips TV sets with internet connections.

3alacarta is already available for Sony Bravia TV sets with internet access and iPads, via a free application that can be downloaded from iTunes.

Playstation 3 is the first console to have a 3alacarta version specifically designed for this environment. In the case of the Philips TV sets, users will find 3alacarta in equipment with Net TV integrated. Philips incorporated 3alacarta in its tests at last IFA Berlin consumer electronics show which took place at the start of this month.

For the PS3 and for Philips, TV3 and its interactive TV subsidiary, CCRTV Interactiva, have specifically designed an application using the console's control or that of the TV set to watch on-demand videos on the TV set any time the viewer wants to.

3alacarta is also available on tests in the InOut TV platform, which is a Spanish company developing software and digital TV services, through the new MediaCenter 4G HD, a double HD DTT set-top-box with internet connection.