Hybrid TV adds on-demand 3D content

Rose Major ©RapidTVNews | 16-09-2010

Following yesterday’s on-demand deals, Australasian TiVo licensee Hybrid TV Services has signed another content provider – and this time, its for 3D.

Hybrid TV has signed DDD Group as its first full-length, 3D TV, video-on-demand partner for the CASPA on-demand platform. The company claims it is the first 3D VOD arrangeent of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

CASPA will now include DDD’s Yabazam 3D animations and short films, although only those with a 3D-capable television set and a TiVo box will be able to watch them. Content ranges between four minutes to one hour in length.

Over the coming months, a new CASPA 3D Fun category will grow to include more content from DDD’s Yabazam catalogue, which includes extreme sports, dosumentaries, indie shorts, comedy and music videos. DDD”s library of high definition 3D content is available online at Yabazam.com.

Hybrid TV said it is committed to 3D content. TiVo users can already timeshift 3D TV broadcasts (although there is little of this on free-to-air TV with regulator the ACMA licensing only ‘special event’ 3D TV such as sports tournaments). There are also 3D trailers for Disney movies on the service.

Robbee Minicola, Chief Executive of Hybrid TV, said: “It’s been a mammoth year for 3D – even bigger for CASPA customers with a 3D TV! First we delivered 3D broadcast record and playback functionality on TiVo, then we delivered Australia’s first taste of on- demand 3D content delivered via broadband and now we’re stepping things up a notch by delivering 3D short films, animations, documentaries and more, straight to the TV.”

Jay Wiskerchen, General Manager of DDD’s Content Group, said: “Compelling 3D content is an important component of a successful consumer 3D market and we’re very proud to be working with Hybrid TV to deliver this to TiVo subscribers.”

DDD’s Yabazam content will be available for download via CASPA through TiVo on a pay-per view basis with free trailers. Prices range between $2.95 and $6.95 and can be viewed as many times as the viewer wishes for 48 hours after the download starts.