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Thread: Mpg2Cut2 v2.8.5 Alpha915 (2.8.5e)

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    Mpg2Cut2 v2.8.5 Alpha915 (2.8.5e)

    Mpg2Cut2 v2.8.5 Alpha915 (2.8.5e)
    The Alpha version has not been tested as much as the Beta version, but it has various enhancements.
    Volume Control Slider
    The new [V] button brings up a Volume Control window. That has 2 sliders and a number of tick boxes.The 1st slider is a conventional volume control.The 2nd slider is for the Audio Limiter.The Limiter is useful when ads are much louder than the program.Boost settings are storeded separately for different types of audio track,and will be retained across sessions as an option.Misc improvements have been made to Automatic Volume Control (AVC).
    Space bar toggles Play/Pause.
    Previously this only operated if already playing.Now it can be used to start playing as well.Note that Pause is different to Stop (Esc key), as Stop aligns on an I-frame, suitable for From/To marking, but Pause just freezes the decoder mid-stream.
    Small change in terminology.
    "Append File" is now called "Add File".
    New Time option - REL and TOD together.
    New option shows both Relative time and recorded Time Of Day together, to avoid the need to change back and forth between REL and TOD.Menu - Misc - Time Format - REL & TOD.
    Ability to change Luminance button preset values.
    Adjust sliders for the new setting that you want; Click the [@] button; Then click the button you want changed to this new setting.
    Moved "Swap U-V" and "Negative" into Luminance dialog. Originally these were menu options. Now they are buttons.
    Keyboard shortcuts for Luminance buttons , [C] and [D].
    Shift-L (B=Bold); Ctrl-L (D=Default); Shift-Ctrl-L (C). Alt-L (toggle the Luminance enable on/off). Quicker than bringing up the Luminance dialog to click on a button.
    Adjusted processing of command line parameters.
    There is a problem with the "no-confirm" option, so it is turned off.
    Better navigation when average bitrate much lower than Nominal.
    Large jumps will now be calculated using average bitrate rather than nominal.
    Fastback option now updates during preview.
    Drop Padding option extended.
    Drop Padding will now drop Vob NAV Packs as well. The option will also temporarily turn on "Parse All Pkts". Dropping will be inhibited if saving to VOB format or if using Vob Preservation option.
    Selective saving of audio tracks.
    Fixed bugs in the "Save Parts" dialog. NOT TESTED MUCH, as I don't have many multi-audio files.
    Transport Stream PID controls cleaned-up.
    When viewing a Transport Stream (TS), the Menu - View - PID controls are easier to use. Just tick "Current" once you are viewing the PID that you are interested in. To go back to seeing all PIDs, tick "All".
    Misc minor changes.
    If you have the Volume Boost set quite HIGH, (1st slider) but the Limiter set quite LOW, (2nd slider) then they will be acting AGAINST each other.
    This will provide maximum smoothing of volume levels, but background noises may become annoying. EG Traffic noise, people breathing, camera whirr, tape hiss. So adjust according to your personal taste.
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