TV Club and 8 kanal on the uncoded channel 36E

Russian operator of New Legend Media to its new multiplex at W7 satellite (36E) joins two more Russian FTA channels. In addition to the added Aug. 24 channel TV3 Russia, 20 September. added to the package of TV-Club Vosmoj channel (8 kanal). I would add that the New Media Legend gradually acquires some FTA broadcasters, who have until recently benefited from the capacity of the Ukrainian operator Poverkhnost.

The station in its sale of a wide range of customer - for example, the necessary accessories, household products, health and beauty, jewelry and sports equipment.

Vosmoj channel is new to the 36E. Until now, the station can be received in niekodowanym transmission via satellite Intelsat 15 (85.2 E), where suitable Russian TV platform Kontinent. Vosmoj channel is a channel on a general subject.The main customers are young and dynamic.

Technical parameters:

Eutelsat W7 (36E)
tp. 18 (12.054 GHz, pol. R SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK)

ID: TV-club
V PID: 711
A PID: 231
PID PCR: 191
SID: 2
PMT PID: 182
Encoding: none

Encoding: none

ID: 8_kanal
V PID: 512
A PID: 4112
PID PCR: 512
SID: 3
PMT PID: 256
Encoding: none

Receive the whole multiplex is possible without the use of converters on Wheels polarizations. The strongest signal occurs in eastern Poland.