Montagne TV - a channel for the mountains at 19.2 E

* 2010-09-24 5:00:03 p.m. / Raphael Olchowik
* Modified: 2010-09-24 5:43:48 p.m.
* Source: Montagne TV

The satellite ASTRA (19.2 E) appeared in the image check the new French television Montagne TV. Responsible for the communication satellite operator GlobeCast. Montagne is a thematic channel TV theme przybliżającym mountains. The official launch issue will be October 12, 2010 year. Signal stations will not be scrambled. Montagne TV wants to direct his choice for the lovers of mountain air and breathtaking scenery.

There will be topics of climbing, sports, what can be grown in mountainous areas, mountain tourism, prevailing weather conditions or concerns about the animals living in mountainous areas.

By the end of this year. distribution of the new station is to include packages IPTV, cable, Internet and mobile television.

Technical parameters of the tests:

Astra 1M (19.2 E)
tp. 20 (11.509 GHz, pol. V, SR 22000, FEC: 5 / 6; DVB-S/QPSK)

ID: Montagne TV
V PID: 701
PID: 721 (French)
PID PCR: 701
SID: 7001
PMT PID: 751
Encoding: none