Healthy proportion of European TV originates from continent

Iñaki Ferreras | 26-09-2010

Even though European television companies engage fully with US content providers, nearly two-thirds (63%) of TV programmes offered are European and 34% are independent productions created by the European producers according to new research from the European Commission (EC).

The European Union has a law obliging the European broadcasters to guarantee that more than half their programme schedules is dedicated to European productions and that 10% of the broadcasting time or the programming budget of the broadcasting is dedicated to independent productions. At present only three of the UE states fail to meet these criteria: Cyprus with 30%, Slovenia with 44.6% and Sweden with 45.5%.

At the other end of the scale is Poland with 83.1% of its programming schedule dedicated to European productions. The level of independent production across all EU countries ranges from 15.1% in Greece and 62.3% in Germany. European law on audiovisual services also requires the promotion of European contents in the on-demand services and on the rebroadcasting of programs on the internet.

The report also finds that 55.7% of Spain’s TV programmes have been sourced from Europe and that 29.6% of Spain’s programmes are independently produced and created by European producers. Also most of these European productions are Spanish. Spain shows less European TV programs than the average of the rest of the European countries.