YouTube wins Telecinco suit

Iñaki Ferreras | 26-09-2010

Spanish judges have found in favour of YouTube in a suit by Mediaset’s national private channel Telecinco arguing that the internet video platform transmits its content illegally.

YouTube’s case was that it is only an intermediate between the broadcaster and the final users but Telecinco claimed that YouTube had more responsibility as it edited TV videos and also took commercial advantage from them by placing advertisements on them.

The judges’ final sentence in the judgement said that YouTube is just an intermediate of services and so it can be forced to control previously the videos loaded by the users. It said that is was for the content owners to identify and notify individually to YouTube that it was hosting videos that break the copyright and to delete them.

YouTube pointed out that it already offers a copyright service called ‘Content ID’ a tool allowing the users to protect their contents automatically and avoid they are uploaded on the platform.

This is not YouTube’s first triumph against a TV channel. In June 2009 the platform won a similar case with Viacom.