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Thread: help dm 800hd clone no scaning

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    help dm 800hd clone no scaning

    i have aproblem with a new dm 800hd clone bootloader 76 sim 2.0.1 sim first i flashed a many clone image from digi kaos and the problem is after flashed a image like gemini 5.10 .nabilosat blackhole for btloader76,dreamelite btl76 was success ,i follow all step for wizard configuration and i try it to use a fix dish like sky,i chose simple for tuner A and simple for mode when i clik ok for autoscanning i waiting see a bar nothing is scaning ,check it a satfinder signal is ok was lock but when i click ok tp scaning no scaning ,no channel i am tired
    pls help me what to do? plssss help what to do

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    Re: help dm 800hd clone no scaning

    If you own a clone, it's only possible to flash images made for clones and nothing else!

    Check again your tuner settings. Some patches are not able to save this configuration.


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