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Thread: Any alternative to Ipnosys 021 for Diablo Cam 2 ??

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    Any alternative to Ipnosys 021 for Diablo Cam 2 ??

    Hello to one and all

    I am very new here and just wanted to say hello before I asked my question

    I have a Diablo Cam 2 with Ipnosys021 .. I just wondered if there is any other way of loading stuff ( still using Diablo Cam 2 ) as it appears that Ipnosys have stopped at version 021 ... is underworld an alternative to Ipnosys ?? or are they the same thing ??

    I have a CAS 3 Interface programmer therefore I can take underworld if need be I just do not know what it does

    Many thanks for your help


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    Re: Any alternative to Ipnosys 021 for Diablo Cam 2 ??

    I should be possable to load underworld software onto the diablo 2 but from what I can see you would get less. The only other software they did was the Horizion 104 which was for just reading cards and had no Emu.

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    Re: Any alternative to Ipnosys 021 for Diablo Cam 2 ??

    You can not even do that.
    Underworld is for Diablo 2.2/2.3 ONLY
    and Ipnosys is just for the Diablo²

    What I can't understand is why they never gave the D² owners C*N*X support
    In any case who'd need any of thses CAMs as the K*y to Bulsat is already public, just use a SoftCAM.

    Other then that the only BIG THING is the Cardsharing functions under Underword and that's even less useful then a Chocolate Tee Pot for those who don't have the Wi-Fi CAM.

    At least you could eat the Tee Pot.

    The reason why there hasn't been many Updates in the past, is because there nothing worth updating for. Sadly

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