Mediaset and Sky ready for 3D head-to-head
By Julian Clover
Published: September 29, 2010 10.42 Europe/London

Italyís two principal pay-TV providers will this weekend both commence a series of transmissions in the 3D format. For Sky Italia the starting point is the Ryder Cup golf, already the centre of BSkyBís consumer 3D launch, while Mediaset has a package of films ready to roll.

In common with other 3D launches, both Sky and Mediaset are relying on an installed base of HD decoders in order to reach their audience.

Rather than offer a linear channel, Mediaset will be distributing 3D as part of its Premium On Demand service, featuring around 50 movies and TV series at any one time. The first 3D movie will be The Legend of Beowulf, available from October 3, and followed by a version of Jules Verneís Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Sky Italia viewers will be able to watch the culmination of the Ryder Cup on October 3. The 3D version will be available at no extra cost to Sky Sport subscribers.