Anti-piracy association activates action plan

Joseph O'Halloran | 01-10-2010

AEPOC the European Association for the Protection of Encrypted Works and Services, has unveiled a new action plan designed to build the ground for a broader anti-piracy stance.

AEPOC’s membership consists of leading digital television and telecommunication companies including TV channels, conditional access providers, providers of transmission infrastructures and manufacturers of related hardware. AEPOC's goal is to eliminate the pirating of encrypted works and services and to encourage the development of the appropriate legal, operational and technological frameworks to increase the security and safeguarding of conditional access systems for Pay-TV, TV-based and IP services.

The AEPOC members are: ADD Europe, Atmel, Boxer TV-Access, BSkyB, comvenient, Conax, Digiturk, Eutelsat, General Satellite, Irdeto, Liberty Global, Multichoice Hellas, Nagravision, NDS, NTV-Plus, Opentech, Pace, Poverkhnost, Showtime Arabia, Sky Deutschland, Sky Italia, Viaccess - France Telecom, and ZON TVCabo.

The key plank in the AEPOC’s strategy will be the setting up of standing committees to help members in the fight against audio-visual piracy with emphasis on extending intelligence capacities and efforts in view of a pan-European regulatory environment.

The new action plan has been spearheaded by AEPOC President Philippe-Olivier Rousseau and the Vice Presidents Christine Maury-Panis, of Viaccess, and Michael Barley of BSkyB.

The new action plan involves the creation of work groups established as standing committees in the areas of ‘Intelligence’, ‘Regulatory & Lobbying’, ‘Membership, Marketing & PR’ and ‘Finance’.
Offering more detail on the mission and scope of the plan, Rousseau said: “AEPOC's new action plan builds the ground to more actively assess and effectively coordinate initiatives to address audio-visual piracy and foster the way for increased industry cooperation among the members…this initiative shall be instrumental in unlocking the potential inherent in AEPOC to take the Association to the next level in the fight against audio-visual piracy in Europe – and beyond.”

The first action will be a campaign to fight the phenomenon of card sharing. Fuller details as to what such a campaign would consist will be revealed as soon as appropriate, said AEPOC.