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Thread: funcards em n2

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    funcards em n2

    Parece que as funcard estão de novo a funcar, desta vez em Nagra2 para a D+, para receptores Allcam .

    For FUNCARD !!!

    Works fine on D+ Nagra2 Hispasat & Astra.

    Tested on:

    Phillips 175b + Pach ALLCAM Hispasat & Astra
    Sony TS1A + Firmware ALLCAM Hispasat & Astra
    Sony TS3x + Firmware ALLCAM Hispasat & Astra
    Sony TS2 + Firmware ALLCAM Hispasat & Astra

    testei eu num illusion m3 - esta a rolar

    ja so falta mesmo e pra tvcaca...............

    uma coisa e certa se nos velhinhos fun rola entao sera questao de tempo para meter outros a rolar..........
    os moscs rom 10 e 11 tambem ja teem solucao.

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    Re: funcards em n2

    snot no seu melhor

    és o maior carago

    pena k já despachei a minha rom 10

    cumps amigo

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    Re: funcards em n2

    boas tks amigo esta fixe as fun a funcar so falta agora para a tv kaka...

    tb a un soft para a tita para recp.....allcam .....


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    Re: funcards em n2


    para as titas :

    Tita1 Nagra2
    (C)MASARE Team - Saoud007
    (C)FullDump TM

    Nagra2 emulation in titanium 1 card (irdeto emulation)

    Under Titanium 1 & irdeto emulation, missing 1 byte in ecm receive to define correctly ident value
    Example of ecm receive by card
    [XX] 01 86 00 88 5F 53 71 1E 41 9B 88 9F 1D 6B 87 68 87 6B 3A 7A
    A1 A9 AA AE CC 14 8D 7D FB 0D 80 6A FF 05 A3 2F E4 E7 FF 15
    AB 38 31 F6 F4 87 3C 92 DE 11 93 5F 39 2E 75 7B D4 87 B7 44
    E6 AD 24 C8 73 C1 F3 9A
    [XX] is missed that's why we can't implement all ident in same time.
    But possible to define ident used by default in card by using Tita1 Nagra2 Updater tool.

    Cam tested:
    Magic Module -> OS103/106
    Joker Module -> OS103/106 (report to \Cam Firmwares Modified\TitaAll4-1(tita,fun) NAGRA2 Fix + R\Joker Cam Infos.txt)
    XCam Module -> OS103/106 (very fast in Hispasat, slow under astra during zapping, same problem with opos)
    Dragon Module -> OS106 ONLY
    MR Module -> NOT OK -> Caids 1801 added but only ECM nagra1 receive (MR1060->1071)
    MRV\MRB Module -> NOT OK -> NO ECM Receive at all

    Idents on card:
    4101 -> D+
    4901 -> TV Cabo
    C101 -> GloabeCast
    0901 -> Bell ExpressVu
    0101 -> Dish Network

    Default ident in use on card: 4101 D+

    Keys Update:
    Change default ident will be used on card
    Use Tita1 Nagra2 Updater.exe for updating keys
    (folder \Tita1_Nagra2_Editor\Tita1_Nagra2\Editor\)

    Magic Module - MultiFirmware311 NAGRA2 Fix
    Magic Module - Penta111 NAGRA2
    Magic Module - Penta120 NAGRA2
    TitaAll4-1(tita,fun) NAGRA2 Fix +

    About Joker Cam Firmware Fix
    Fixed support for Nagra2
    Added Support for Original Card Red Ligth

    IMPORTANT: for TV Cabo you must select N-2 in cas menu for all others ALL is ok

    Tested on:
    Zeta Blue Rev 2.01
    Ice Cam
    Normally will work in all others like Jokercam, SkyCrypt, Neotion....

    Titanium OS:
    OS 103/106

    CAS Menu:
    N-2 -> Nagra2
    R-L -> Red Ligth Card (0626)

    Tita1 Nagra2 Updater
    (C)MASARE Team - Saoud007
    (C)FullDump TM[/b]

    - Titanium1 card
    - Interface phoenix 3.58 MHZ

    HOW TO:
    Insert card in card progger
    Select interface phoenix 3.58 MHZ
    1/-Run Tita1 Nagra2 Updater
    2/-Select Comport (option: autodetect com)
    3/-Press "Read" Button
    4/-Select Ident to edit -> "Select Ident" ComboBox
    5/-Made your changes
    6/-Define ident by default -> "Default Ident" ComboBox
    7/-Press "Write" button

    Tested with infinity usb pheonix & cas interface 3 (phoenix mode)

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