N3 compromise.... understanding it in context
I am more than a bit shocked at the nay-sayers in here.
Many of you don't have an inkling of technical background but on you go about "show me the money" and "not real till I see it"...etc.... I am not bashing anyone here... but take a deep breath my good FTA friends.

Ok so let me, with a technical background try explain in more basic terms what Christopher Tarnovsky has done and why it's significant. It's been well understood that N3's code keys where buried deep in the Infineon chip, designed to be very very hard to penetrate and read. Without boring you all on the implications, he had to use an electron mircoscope to read past a meshed layer of protection that if broken basically destroys the chip. The point is he has done it...he has read the chip and the N3 "secrets". N2 was "broken" because the code keys last time were leaked for money. This time it's just a good clean hack...period. Even the chip maker admitted they are compromised on a chip they claimed could not be hacked.....recall I have said this many times in here...EVERYTHING is hackable.

What happens next is anyone's guess. We have changes in the legal status of things that make it hard for ANYONE to stand up and say they have the keys. We know that it was a costly process for him to hack the chip...questions is what value does he put on it? Who knows... it's not illegal to do what he has done. There is NO international or US laws that forbids you from reading a chip with protection on it. But there are plenty that will hammer you for what you do with that information. So if he is "selling it" or giving it away.... this will drive timing. But sooner or later, the FTA STB makers will have their hands on his decode.

Something else not in the dialog stream here. N3 is NOT like N2 with basically fixed code keys and a pattern to their rolling sequence. Part of the N3 magic by its creators is that it uses an encrypted rolling series of code keys that are sync'd to data in the new chip. SO a standalone BIN may no longer do the job unless it imitates that functionality. MEANING it's not just a BIN anymore but an executable program. That could be a real issue for all our STBS. In order for them to duplicate what is needed, it means doing what the N3 chipped card does without the card and its processing abilities being present. Confused? It means our boxes may need more processing and memory onboard to take on that functionality and today they may not have enough....meaning NEW STBs for the lot of us as one possible implication. At a minimum, we'd all need new firmware
in our STBs....(new operating code...not BIN files) that will allow for this process of encryption referenced rotating keys to function.

So if you are still following me.... it's clear the data needed to understand N3 is no longer protected. This is now fact...not fiction. And we don't know who has that data beyond Tarnovsky. But a new bin file isn't likely to be the end fix. "Coders" as people like to call them in here... are not the secret technology monks people make them out to be....the STB makers are the coders...and until they 1) have the N3 compromise in hand 2) understand how that impacts the physical way it's then implemented and 3) figure how to then mass distribute the "fix" be it a new box or operating codes....etc without legal issues.....THEN you get something to TEST.

OK.... does that get people's view in the correct frame of reference?
It means...be patient .... it's not an overnight event and you can EXPECT some degree of format change at the set top box level .... there has to be as N3's format demands it. What else you can be certain of is that ALL the garbage you have been reading on N3 hacks up to now, has been just that, nonsense. But Tarnovsky's work is bankable and the clock is running as to how soon you will see the impact.

These are all just opinions, I have done nothing illegal...