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Thread: Web Interface to Picon's

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    Web Interface to Picon's

    I always smile after reading the threads where people desperately search for Picon, and often do not know that by what name they have in what directory on the box and then copy despair at the box on the pc they view control, etc. I've even done quickly before going to bed to work for it a little silly web interface to knit.

    Simply from the Annex to FTP to / usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/WebInterface/WebChilds/External / push and restart enigma2.

    Then just type in the browser / wpicons and all picons the right to display the paths will be found after a short time in the browser. If you move the mouse pointer over the picon you can also see the name and where it was found.

    Nothing exciting, but possibly very helpful for the Piconsammler

    LG gutemine
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