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Wednesday 6 Oct
The Rival

"The Rival" reveals a chilling side to a woman's need to have a child. When Alice (Tracy Nelson) loses her baby in an act of violence, she learns she's cannot have children on her own. She and her husband are overjoyed when they find a surrogate to give them the baby they've always wanted. But Alice's happiness soon turns to jealousy and a deadly rage, causing her to stop at nothing to get her baby.
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The Rival_S
3:10 TO YUMA

Rancher Dan Evans, who lost part of his leg in the Civil War, is broken and owing a large amount to a powerful man in Bisbee. Evans heads into Bisbee to clear up issues concerning the sake of his land when he witnesses the closing events of a stagecoach robbery led by famed outlaw Ben Wade.
4:30 KSA
01:30 GMT

Dr. Alice Dodgson is an oncologist who travels to Jamaica to treat the brother of wealthy American who has cancer. As she looks for a cure, she starts to fall in love with him and then finds out that he is also affected by a Voodoo cure which she must undo.
6:00 KSA
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The Second Civil War

When it is announced that orphans from Pakistan are going to live in Idaho, the Governor of this state declares that the borders are closed to immigrants. The dimwit President reacts by initiating a stand off that puts the orphans in the middle of the conflict. Meanwhile, News Net is on the story and is willing to do anything to get the facts. Starting: Beau Bridges, Joanna Cassidy, Phil Hartman
7:30 KSA
04:30 GMT
secand civil war_S
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

An unsuccessful author is kicked out of his apartment and moves into an abandoned mansion. As the nights pass he comes to learn that his makeshift home has a gruesome history and the surroundings inspire him to write his latest novel. However، an unwelcome visitor soon brings more horror to the house. Crime thriller، starring Dylan McDermott، Sharon Stone and Tom Sizemore 1991
9:00 KSA
06:00 GMT
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie _S

Former soldiers in the army, Bob Lee Soajer left the military and after his failure in a mission, where they are summoned again to service after several years, and that by Colonel Isaac Johansson and to assist in the Champions attempt to assassinate the President.
11:00 KSA
08:00 GMT
Mind over murder

Holly Winters, an assistant D.A. in her mid-30s, is hit by a car injuring her head. As a result, she discovers that she has the ability to read people's minds. Although somewhat disoriented by this new skill, she soon realizes that it can be an asset both at work and in her personal life.
13:00 KSA
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Mind over murder

Robert Rath (Sylvester Stallone) is a seasoned hitman who just wants out of the business with no back talk. But, as things go, it ain't so easy - 1995
15:00 KSA
12:00 GMT
The Legend of Bagger Vance

A disillusioned war veteran, Capt. Rannulph Junah (Matt Damon), reluctantly agrees to play a game of golf. He finds the game futile until his caddy, Bagger Vance (Will Smith), teaches him the secret of the authentic golf stroke which turns out also to be the secret to mastering any challenge and finding meaning in life.
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Showing Now

Hundreds of years ago, a lama concealed a priceless treasure in an underground palace on the Silk Road. For more security, he also trained a family of acrobatic performers to protect it. In the present, Yan Fei and her brother Yue Tong are the latest generation of that family of trained acrobats. They are the star performers of an international acrobatic team
19:00 KSA
16:00 GMT
Angel Eyes

A seemingly unlikely couple who cross paths under life-threatening circumstances as though they are destined not only to meet but to save each other's lives. Not once, but twice.
21:00 KSA
18:00 GMT

Neil Randall has a perfect life hes a Chicago family man and executive of an advertisement agency, where he expects to be promoted. He has a beautiful and sexy wife, Abby, and a lovely daughter, Sophie and they live in a wonderful house-2007
23:00 KSA
20:00 GMT

When a hunter sent back to the prehistoric era runs off the path he must not leave, he causes a chain reaction that alters history in disastrous ways
1:00 KSA
22:00 GMT