Xgemini2-5.10.nfi Image-pclin-beta

Since it is finite, the first Xgemini2!

There are a lot of small mistakes in it, or, not yet installed or configured.

Xorg, Fluxbox, FBPannel, Links, Thunar, mousepad, GQCiview. LBreakout2, ScummVM and Xorg apps are installed and go!

Prepared for vliele others. Ipk packages is all.

Fluxbox menu does not work. Auh Automatically create menu still does not work. So you can see from the menu fbpanel what I have already installed.

XDMCP and ssh-X and VNC (server / client) are running!

enigma2 you start with input

would you now to X, you open tuxterm and starts an X progi (rxvt), and can now use CTRL: ALT F7 to X we use it fully (e2 runs in the background.) E2 to simply return the EXIT button on the FB.
At end of e2 will be automatically returned to X.

passwd = dream

files are still on my system is set (/ etc)

the resolution is set to 1280x800. (/ Etc/X11/Xserver)

xorg.conf for the first time must not be changed!

One hot 2x USB keyboard / mouse (event 0-3), as you'll have to go with Dream keyboard experimentation. (X keyboard with A, B Tuxterm with keyboard)

Prior to rename unzip the files. . Remove rar!

Installation with only Barry Allen!

Swap must be active! (Recommended 1GB)

The image is only beta and use at your own risk! No liability for damage to software and hardware!

download 1
download 2
download 3
download 4
download 5