WRN Broadcast to playout East African platform
By Julian Clover
Published: October 11, 2010 11.30 Europe/London

WRN Broadcasting has been awarded the playout for a range of TV channels for the new Zuku platform, operated by Wananchi Group Holdings, as part of a triple play offer for East Africa.

WRN, which already provides distribution services for WGH, will take responsibility for the playout, multiplexing and distribution of 34 of Zuku’s 100+ channels. This includes six high definition channels, part of a wider package of eight movie channels, and thematics Zuku Life, Zuku Afrika and Zuku Sports.

Lars Anderson, CEO, Wananchi Group Holdings, says: “Wananchi’s intention has always been to offer East Africans the opportunity to watch the best local and international content. WRN Broadcast understands this and with their well engineered broadcast solutions and our commitment to top quality content and services, such as HD, we believe we’re in a fantastic position to do just that.”

The Wananchi Group is owned 51% by the ATMT Fund, and 49% by Emerging Capital Partners. Established in 2007, the Wananchi is the first triple-play provider in East Africa.