How setup/build an IKS server
Fast + Secure + Easy + Reliable + Economical

Most difficult part?

• Reading BOXKEY out of subscribed receiver!

• This guide DOES NOT cover the any topics of JTAG. You should stop reading now if you are unable to obtain BOXKEY and/or SK Key!

What software you will need?

• FTP client (free) recommended: FileZilla

• SSH client (free) recommended: Putty

• Web browser (free) recommended: Firefox

• IKS server software (free) recommended: RQCS

• IKS Client software for Dreambox 100

• Dreambox Operating System (free) recommended: PLI image

• DreamUP V1.3.3.4 (free loader for all Linux-base dreamboxes

• X-Loader Version 3.2 (free loader for Dreambox 100)

• JKEYS 2.9.9_013 (free)

• Ultra Edit (free text editor) DO NOT USE NOTEPAD to edit any files

• DM100 USB drivers (free)

• account (free) only if your ISP has Dynamic IP

What hardware you will need?

• IKS server – 1x Dreambox 600S (Linux Operating System)

• IKS clients – Dreambox 100 (non-Linux)

• Wired or wireless router

• A windows based Personal computer with serial port

• NULL MODEM serial 9 pin cable

• A subscribed DN / Bev / GB Narga 3 card with receiver

recommended: DP301-10, 301.13 (vid mod required), 2700, 2800

DO NOT attempt to work with a cardless receiver eg. 111/311 as they are very difficult to JTAG and you will require to read the TSOP (expert level)

• JTAG to read BOXKEYS

Where do you I get help?

• RQCAMD/RQCS website:

• Official Dreambox Germany download center:

Downloadcenter |

• PLI images for Dreambox download center:

PLiฎ Images website

• Finally, google it, logon to a forum, and read.

Step by Step

Before you continue you should already have obtained the BOXKEY out of a subscribed BEV/DN receiver!

Step 1 – Preparing a Dreambox 600 as IKS server

• Download and extract the latest

Jade3 - for the Dreambox DM600PVR image from PLI website

• Download and extract DreamUP V1.3.3.4 from Dreambox Germany website

• Connect DM600 using the serial cable to your computer

• Connect Dreambox 600 with your router using network cable

• Turn on Dreambox 600

• Open DreamUP and select on the correct serial port for your PC

• Click on USE NETWORK and click on Connect

• Unplug DM600 from power and reconnect it

• Click on Flash and select the PLI image for DM600 that you downloaded

• After a few minutes, it will complete the setup.

• Disconnect the DM600 from the serial cable and unplug DM600 from power and reconnect it. Connect your Dreambox 600 to your TV.

• Use the remote, and change the TV type to “NTSC”

• Select SAVE (green button)

• Press EXIT a few times on the remote

• Press MENU on your remote

• Scroll to SETUP (6) and press OK

• Scroll to System settings and press OK

• Scroll to Network and Press OK

• Note the IP of your DM600. Example (192.168.x.x)

• Press EXIT a few times on the remote

• On your PC download and extract RQCS 1.06 from RQCAMD website

• On your PC now, open Filezilla and connect to DM600 (ip noted above)

• On the DM600 upload rqcs.ppc to /usr/bin folder

• Right Click on /usr/bin/rqcs.ppc and change the permission to 777

• Open Ultra Edit and configure rqcs.conf

RQCS.CONF – make changes to only 2 suggested lines

box_key= Type in your BOX key for sub receiver

protocol_server_users=dummy:dummy|dummy_2:dummy_2| dummy_3:dummy_3

Remember that the first user will be the master user and will send EMM updates to the card so the card won’t expire. Set all the users as desired.

• Save the rqcs.conf file and upload it to /var/keys/

• Insert the sub N3 card into DM600

• Click on Start > Run

• Type cmd and press enter

• Type telnet <IP OF Dreambox 600> and press enter

• You should see dm600pvr#

• Type passwd and press enter

• Type test and press enter

• Retype test and press enter

• * your Dreambox password is now test and you can type passwd again to change the password

• Open Putty on your computer

• Type IP of the DM600 in host box and click on connect

• Username : root

• Password: test

• Now type rqcs.ppc and press ENTER

• If everything is correct, you should see SERVER READY on your screen in the SSH session.

Step 2 – Preparing a Dreambox 100 as a client

• Download, extract and install the USB drivers from Dreambox Germany website.

• Reboot computer

• Download and extract the latest MAIN_V0101S.bin file

• Connect USB A-B cable to PC and DM100

• Open Xloader and Click on AUTOCOMM and press OK

• Click on Upload and upload MAIN_V0101S.bin file

• After a few mins, it will complete uploading the file. When complete, click OK and then click on Disconnect and Unplug DM100 from PC.

• Connect DM100 to a network port, and connect to the TV

• Scan the desired satellites.

• Go to expert Menu and Press 0101

• You will see a hidden menu

• Go to Card Client Setup


• Type your DM600 IP in the host

• Type port : 10000

• Type username and password that you wrote in rqcs.conf

• For DES KEY type 0102030405060708091011121314

• Save and exit.

• If everything is correct, your DM100 will now open the sub channels. The card is now reading from DM600. You can see the SSH session to view the channels.

• You can setup many DM100 as clients to connect to 1 DM600 server

--- If you want to share your card (DM600) with outside world. Make sure you forward the port 10000 on your DM600 on your router. Remember your users in RQCS.conf can connect your server.

--- If your ISP gives you a dynamic IP using free service to get an IP and give your friends/family members the dyndns host name to put in their DM100.

Hope this guide helps you setup a private IKS server