By Chris Dziadul
Published: October 15, 2010 09.06 Europe/London

Just half a year after completing the transition to digital broadcasting, Spain has found itself facing the prospect of a huge DTT upheaval.

According to El Pais, all public, private, state, regional and local channels will have to vacate the frequencies they currently occupy and move to another band of the radio spectrum by 2015. This will affect viewers, who will have to retune their sets and in most instances also readjust their aerials.

Although the government has promised to fund the latter, which is likely to cost between 125-650 per household, it is unlikely to compensate operators, who will be required to simulcast during a transition period.

They have criticised the move, for which they say they are not responsible and will not pay, as well as the rushed transition to digital broadcasting, which they feel was made without sufficient planning.

The frequency band that will be vacated by DTT channels will be used for new telecom services.