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    DVB Viewer tools

    TransEdit 3.6.0 for DVB Viewer

    - Changed/Enhanced: BDA hardware detection system. It can be updated with a hardware data base file, if required. Such updates will be provided in future, if TransEdit doesn't recognize that a (new) DVB device resp. driver can be handled with already existing code. It will not cover devices requiring a new kind of handling, however.
    This data base system will be used in future by all our software accessing DVB hardware. TransEdit 3.6.0 can be regarded a test case. The new detection system covers a lot of additional DVB hardware/driver variants, thus being more complete than before.
    - Added: DPI-awareness. TransEdit 3.6.0 enlarges windows and fonts according to the Windows DPI (Dots Per Inch) settings, thus adapting to the increasing resolution of PC displays. Previously the TransEdit design was 96 DPI-fixed. Now, e.g. in case of 120 DPI, all windows and fonts will be 25% larger.
    The font and font/window size can also be configured individually for TransEdit. A configuration tool will be provided later.
    Please note: TransEdit.exe contains DPI awareness information for Windows Vista / 7. Due to a bug in Windows XP SP2 it may cause a system crash (blue sceen or reboot). If you encounter this issue, please update to Windows XP SP3.
    - Added: Support for Genpix DVB-S devices (including DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2).
    - Enhanced: The analyzer shows PMT PIDs in the service sections, even if the PMT is not present or not readable.
    - Added: Measures against the DLL security hole and activation of Data Execution Prevention (DEP), if Windows reports it as optional for applications.
    - Enhanced: DiSEqC under Windows 7. (Hopefully) enables DiSEqC for DVB-S devices with unknown vendor-specific DiSEqC handling, if the driver conforms to the Windows MCE DiSEqC handling.
    - Added: DiSEqC 1.2 support for TechniSat SkyStar USB HD (aka DVB-PC TV Star USB HD) with WDM / Network driver. Please note: The maximum current delivered by this device is 450 mA. If a motor consumes more, the device will protect itself and switch the power supply off.
    - Fix: Closing TrandEdit could cause an "Invalid List Index" error in certain cases.
    - Changed: Due to increasing problems with security software TransEdit.exe isn't compressed anymore. If you prefer a compressed executable (and your antivirus stuff tolerates it) you can do it easily yourself: Download UPX and drag & drop TransEdit.exe on UPX.exe or a shortcut.
    - Updated: Transponder lists for Astra 19/23/28° East and Hotbird 13° East.
    - Several minor fixes and enhancements.
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    Re: DVB Viewer tools

    TSPlayer 2.3.0 for DVB viewer

    - Added: Cue play (seeking with visual feedback) using the mouse. Requires DVBViewer Filter 3.5.0. or later. 
    Clicking one of the toolbuttons (<<), (<), (>), (****) and holding the mouse button down lets TSPlayer start cue play after a short time by auto-repeating the command. Same applies to the keyboard shortcuts (PgUp), (Left), (Right), (PgDn), according to the keyboard repeat rate settings in the Windows control panel.
    Right-clicking the toolbuttons resp. holding the Shift Key down when using keyboard shortcuts yields a shorter skip interval (indicated in brackets):
    (<<) 60 seconds back (30 seconds)
    (<) 10 seconds back (1 second resp. minimum interval for the video type)
    (>) 10 seconds forward (1 second)
    (****) 60 seconds forward (30 seconds)
    - Changed/Added: Keyboard shortcuts. (Up) = Play, (Down) = Pause, (F) = Full Screen, (M) = Mute, (Esc) brings the main or video window to the foreground.
    Please note: If the TSPlayer Main Window is the active window, the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above require the Player Tab to be selected and the Ctrl Key to be additionally pressed.
    - Added: Checkbox Settings -> Cue Play. Switches visual feedback for seeking on/off. Untick this checkbox, if you want the behaviour of older TSPlayer versions resp. older DVBViewer Filter versions.
    - New: PiP (Picture in Picture) playback of a second video stream in a TS file. Requires the PiP module PreviewW.exe 2.0.0 or later (included in the TSPlayer package). Store it in the same folder as TSPlayer.exe.
    PiP is available after playback of the primary service / stream has been started. Select the desired secondary service or video/audio stream in the Available Streams Treeview and click the PiP toolbutton on the bottom right. Alternatively right-click the toolbutton or the PiP window (if it is already active) and select the service resp. stream from the popup menu.
    Please note: On first usage the PiP Window does not display video, but lets the PiP Settings pop up, prompting you to select a video decoder, video renderer and audio decoder. Do so, close the Settings Window and repeat the selection of the desired program resp. stream. 
    If the PiP Window is already open, the popup menu offers additional functions:
    - PiP Close: Closes the PiP Window. Alternatively click the PiP toolbutton.
    - PiP Audio: Toggles between PiP audio and primary audio. Alternatively click the primary or secondary video window with the middle mouse button.
    - PiP Full Screen: Switches the PiP Window to full screen mode and back. Alternatively double-click it. When switching to full screen mode the PiP Window automatically grabs audio.
    - PiP Settings: Opens the PiP Settings Window.
    You may resize the PiP Video Window in the usual Windows way, or move it around by dragging it with the left mouse button.
    The PiP module supports MPEG2 / H.264 video and MPEG / AC3 / AAC audio. Drawbacks: Synchronization between the two video windows is usable, but not always perfect. It may depend on the decoder / renderer selection.
    - Enhanced/Fixed: TSPlayer now accepts / correctly handles additional types of WAV files (containing floating point PCM and such). Requires DVBViewer Filter 3.5.2 or later.
    - Enhanced/Fixed: The stream detection doesn't fail anymore on TS recordings affected by the "lazy CAM" issue. The files are playable without Scrambled Flag Fixer postprocessing.
    - Added: Checkbox Conversion -> Discard packets up to first PES Header. Applies to video / audio / teletext / DVB subtitle streams in the TS output. Discards all TS packets up to (not including) the first packet containing a PES header, thus letting streams start in a "clean" way with an access unit and a time stamp. This option also removes scrambled packets at the beginning of recordings that are affected by the "lazy CAM" issue (see above).
    - Enhanced/Added: The Conversion -> Timestamp Continuity Correction option uses a more sophisticated method avoiding audio/video sync deviations. It also applies to TS output (formerly only to MPG). The continuity correction is triggered by video / audio / teletext timestamps jumping forward an unusual amount of time, or even worse, jumping back.
    Possible causes for timestamp discontinuities: Temporarily interrupted recordings (e.g. due to bad weather conditions), concatenated files recorded at different times, broadcasts with discontinuous timestamps (e.g. demo loops, pay-per-view channels). 
    Possible indications: TSPlayer and DVBViewer calculate a wrong duration, lots of error messages in ProjectX when demuxing the file, playback / seeking doesn't work in other players or doesn't work in in DVBViewer, if the DVBViewer Filter is deselected for playback (the DVBViewer Filter adjusts the timestamps automatically on file playback).
    Most of the impact of such discontinuities can be prevented by ticking "Timestamp Continuity Correction" and converting/copying the TS/MPG file with the TSPlayer. However, there are theoretical cases (though not very likely) where the result may be worse than before. So make sure that the TSPlayer output plays fine before deleting the original file!
    Please note: Conversion with TSPlayer is based on the DVBViewer recorder engine. The TSPlayer literally re-records files. Some parts of the recorder engine have been rewritten in order to integrate new options. The TSPlayer is a test case for recorder engine improvements, because if they don't work as expected, you can fall back on the original file (in contrast to live recording). So if you encounter issues, please report them. Once the changes are integrated in DVBViewer it's too late...
    - Enhanced: The teletext decoder processes all kinds of special (particularly diacritical and foreign) characters, that were previously ignored, and the teletext renderer displays them correctly. Bilingual teletext is supported.
    - Updated: English and German manual.
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    Re: DVB Viewer tools


    TransEdit 3.7

    TransEdit is able to use two or more DVB devices resp. tuners at the same time. For example, if the scanner occupies device A, the TS Analyzer or Preview can work simultaneously with device B, and vice versa.

    If you are interested in what's going on in the satellite sphere, TransEdit is exactly what you need. Frequently new channels appear or are switched off, some pay-TV channels are temporarily broadcasting „free-to-air“, non-public channels (feeds) are used for internal transmission... TransEdit enables you to keep track of it...

    download 1-sat-television.gif

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