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Thread: AutoRecorder pluginfor automated recordings

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    AutoRecorder pluginfor automated recordings

    AutoRecorder pluginfor automated recordings by tero

    Original von tero_
    This is a plugin, which performs background searching from EPG data, and generates new recordings (timers) according to search rules.

    Just brierfly: You can have several (named) profiles, which each can hold several searches. One search is a collection or rules (search criteria) or commands which are run against EPG data. You can manage all editing through GUI (or if you prefer textual editing, then it is possible to export the internal rules presentation to text, which may be edited and then imported back - this is quite manual process).

    Most of the time you can find help by pressing Help key from your remote controller. However, the plugin is also quite extensive (implemented during last couple of years - first version was done in October 2007).
    A more comprehensive description is available on a web page: tp://
    Updates since v0.56 have not been documented to the web page yet.

    Installation is just normal:
    ipkg install /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-autorecorder_0.58-20101012-r0_mipsel.ipk

    Here are the additions since v0.56:

    v0.58 / 12.10.2010 / Tero
    Bug fixes:
    - Text typing help windows got stuck on screen (some Enigma2 update broke this). Extra parameters stored to ConfigList entries interfered with ConfigElement callback mechanism.
    New features:
    - Plugin config: Added possibility to add the Plugin into Plugins list (in addition to Extensions menu)
    - Remember the last edited search profile, and load it into profile editor automatically.
    - Channel name matching is now to a complete string (no partial match) if parameter contains no regexps.
    - Disabling the setting "Use regexp in searches" adds possibility in "title" and "desc" searches to use "+word -otherword" syntax same way as "search" searches have been using.
    - Plugin config: Added possibility to define a global encoding type for EPG data. Exceptions (per search) can be specified in new search profile parameter "encoding".

    v0.59 / 16.10.2010 / Tero
    Bug fixes:
    - Crash fix if manual search was started with selecton "All profiles".
    - Crash fix if timed search was restricted to a time window.
    New features:
    - In manual search, don't ask for selecting a profile, if there is just one.

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