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    Season Wireless ZigBee is discontinued from production and support.

    Here you can find the latest software and user guide available

    the Season Wireless
    Duolabs strikes again with another fabulous tool. The first and unique Season Wireless in the market ever released! Full software and user manual can be found on the left side of this page.
    What's the Season Wireless?
    Season Wireless is a smartcard traffic analyzer and a useful support tool for developers of smartcard emulators. This device is the natural evolution of Season Logger 2, which can be connected to PCs by means of an RS-232 serial cable.
    This new product is wireless and enables therefore the analysis/testing device to be installed in a different location as compared to the PC where the testing/emulation software runs, thus eliminating the need of connection cables.
    The device consists of two distinct components: the Slave and Master. The Slave is the card that is inserted in the remote device and that physically replaces the smartcard, while the Master is the card connected to the PC through the USB port and the RS-232 connection, which acts as radio link between the PC and Slave. Both components have a removable wireless antenna with a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

    Software and more...
    Season Wireless is supplied with a software for PCs that can be used to setup and upgrade the Slave and Master. This software requires the use of Windows operating systems.
    The device can operate correctly only if the Slave is powered at 9 V, the Master is connected to the PC through the USB and RS-232 serial ports, the updated drivers for the Master have been installed on the PC and if the software is running on the PC.

    The two units are configured with the following default settings that can be changed through the software:
    • Operating mode: Season (smartcard emulation) or Logger (traffic analysis)
    • Wireless transmission channel (to allow the simultaneous use of several Slave/Master units)
    • ATR to be sent to the remote device
    • Settings for serial communications; baud rate and parity before and after the transmission of the ATR to the remote device.
    For full software features and compatibility please refer to FAQ in this page.
    Technical specifications
    • Range: up to 200 meters (this range cannot be guaranteed as it varies according to the location; see F.A.Q.)
    • Wireless communication speed: 64 Kbit/sec.
    • Reception/Transmission buffer: 50 byte
    • Number of channels: 78
    • Slave power supply: 9V with external power supply (central positive and external negative poles) or alkaline battery
    • Master power supply: through USB port
    • Energy consumption of Slave: ~ 70mAh
    • Life of Slave batteries: ~ 10 hours
    • Reset signal from smartcard reader easily identifiable by PC
    • User-specified ATR
    • User-specified serial settings (baud rate and parity)
    • Automatic correction of wireless transmission errors
    • Automatic buffer overflow notification
    • Upgradable firmware
    • Season / Logger modes selectable via radio
    • Setting commands transmittable via software or RS-232 serial connection

    Q: Is Season Wireless compatible with all the software applications used with the traditional version of Season Logger 2?
    A: It is compatible with the vast majority of software applications that are currently used with Season Logger 2.

    Q: What can I do if the smartcard emulation software I am using is not compatible?
    A: Send a notice to detailing the software used and the type of problem that has occurred. Our technicians will examine your problem and make the necessary changes.
    Q: Do I need to upgrade the firmware of the device?
    A: You may have to upgrade the firmware of the device if you wish to use it with a larger number of software applications. Upgrades can be done easily and quickly with a single operation by simply following the instructions provided in this manual or in subsequent technical notes.

    Q: Can you use several Masters or Slaves?
    A: You can only use one Slave for each Master. Alternatively, you can use several pairs of Masters and Salves (kit) along with different wireless channels.

    Q: Do I have to use the battery of the Slave? How long does it last?
    A: The additional power supply (battery or power supply) is required. The autonomy of the battery varies according to the initial charge of the battery. New 9V alkaline batteries can be approximately used for 10 hours.

    Q: What type of power supply must I use if I don’t have a 9V alkaline battery?
    A: It is advisable to use a stabilized 9V power supply with the following polarity: central positive and external negative poles. You may also use a non stabilized power supply, provided that you do not exceed a maximum voltage of 9V.

    Q: What range can Season Wireless cover?
    A: It is very difficult to determine the maximum distance that can be covered, because this is influenced by the objects located between the Slave and Master, and by the presence of other equipment that generate radio waves at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

    Q: Does Season Wireless interfere with other wireless equipment?
    A: Season Wireless has a low emission power, equal to 0 db. Therefore, it can be used without the authorization of regulatory bodies. However, it is not possible to exclude possible interferences with other equipment that uses the same frequencies.
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