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Thread: what is a phoenix interface?

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    what is a phoenix interface?


    What is a phoenix interface and why it is necessary for card programming?
    Is it compliant with NDS system?

    thanks for your answers

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    Re: what is a phoenix interface?

    Phoenix and Smartmouse are Somewhat different communication modes for Cardburners that need to use Legacy COM Port(s) on the PC. Phoenix, Smartmouse modes run from 3,579Mhz up to 6.00Mhz. A few Cards still need this to be programed, like the Opps, or Crebro / Didem Cards'.

    Will ~can~ it work with Sky NDS?!?!

    No allas you'd still need a Card and the File with which to burn on to said Card. (i.e. Vailid Keys')...

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