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Thread: Humax 5400z Problem

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    Question Humax 5400z Problem

    I have a humax 5400z dont know what i have done but used a old firmware and now the box freeze,s whilst veiwing chanels it wont respond to the remote unless you reboot then same again give it a few seconds and it freeze,s on that chanel. Do i[IMG]http://www.******************/images/smilies/confused.gif[/IMG] ???? need the latest firmware for it??? loader ???? Dont know ????? What to do can anybody help me please to start all over again with it.

    Please be patent with me i am quite new and not familier with this box.

    Kind Regards mmg123 Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Humax 5400z Problem

    Quote Originally Posted by mmg123 View Post
    old firmware and now the box freeze,s whilst veiwing chanels.
    On some channels humax can't decode and will freez.
    on some sky channels on my reciver.
    Use the latest firmware HoT11.1b or higher.
    Also check your powersurply can be that is going bad.
    This give also freezing the reciver

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