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Thread: mgcamd problem

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    mgcamd problem

    hi guys,

    i have a sharing file which is newcamd.list n i used to use mgcamd to run it in dreambox

    n now i bought AZBox Premium + n i'm trying to run this file on AZBox. the first time i tried to do it it went well (but i don't know how), but something happened n the plugins has been deleted. so, i tried to do it again but now i couldn't

    so, guys would u please tell me how

    i installed the plugins (OpenXCAS) n installed the addons (MGCamD_Full) n another time with (MGcamd_v5.7.09_FULL) in the two times i put sharing file (newcamd.list) in (/PLUGINS/OpenXCAS/mgcamd) but nothing happened

    thx in advance,

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    Re: mgcamd problem

    If i was y a full clean i have had the same things meny times over do edit do a change then the box has come unstable insall FW 0.5.309 youtube works then all other plugs i have been unable to run mgcamd only muiltcas works y see my post unable to get brasil channels.

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