France 24 to distribute its French channel in Asia
October 25th, 2010 - 10:32 UTC
by Andy Sennitt.

France 24 has signed a new distribution agreement with AsiaSat to commence the distribution of its French channel, while it will continue to distribute its English channel throughout the Asia-Pacific region on AsiaSat 5 via the SatLink platform.

France 24 launched its English-language channel in Asia on AsiaSat 5 in 2009. With the additional C-band capacity under this new agreement, France 24 will bring its French channel to the Asian continent, enabling it to address both French and English speaking audiences in the region. France 24 has access to almost 3 million TV households in Asia with key carriage agreements concluded with major Asian cable networks, DTH and IPTV platforms.

Reception parameters:

* Transponder: C10H
* Frequency: 4000 MHz
* Polarisation: Horizontal
* Modulation: QPSK
* Symbol Rate: 28.125 Msym/sec
* FEC: 3/4
* English Service SID/PID: ID 8; Video PID: 380; Audio PID: 38
* French Service SID/PID: ID 10; Video PID: 4501; Audio PID: 4502