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    Smartbox HELP

    Hi All!

    Today I accidently came into the color adjustment menu where you could put the colors and brightness off the Smartbox 301 FTA receiver.
    Now I exit-ed it, but now I want to adjust something there but I can't find it anywhere. It is not in any menu/settings and I am wondering how I came there. I pressed a lot of keys on the remote just to turn it on (my scart was not good in, that's why i pressed a lot of buttons...)

    Please if there is anyone who can tell me how to adjust the color on the receiver, thank you in advance for letting me know!!

    Kind regards,

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    Re: Smartbox HELP

    listen men you must be restar you receiver to firm statu you find this option in chain edit

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    Re: Smartbox HELP

    just press 0 on the remote.

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