Stolen Dreamboxes

Dream publishes serial numbers

Lünen, 27. October 2010. Dream Multimedia, the leading supplier of Linux-based set-top boxes, has warned consumers not to buy stolen goods. 128 Dreamboxes model DM8000 HD PVR were stolen in a burglary recently. Dream has reported the matter to the authorities, who are investigating.
It can be assumed the stolen Dreamboxes will be offered for sale at particularly attractive prices. Consumers are therefore advised to be wary if they come across offers for a DM8000 at far below the usual market prices.
Here on this page you will find the serial numbers of the stolen Dreamboxes, in order to provide consumers with the greatest possible degree of confidence when purchasing a DM8000 HD PVR.
In addition, Dream advises of possible legal consequences arising from the purchase of stolen goods. Should the police find a stolen Dreambox in the hands of a consumer, the Dreambox must of course be returned, and the consumer risks a criminal prosecution for aiding and abetting a theft by turning a blind eye to the possibility of purchasing stolen goods.
Dream spokesperson Alpaslan Karasu: „We will do everything in our power to ensure the thieves gain no benefit from the stolen Dreamboxes. Specifically, we want to warn consumers not to buy extremely cheap Dreamboxes on offer without first checking against the list of serial numbers of stolen items on our homepage.“

A52010160028448, A52010160028457, A52010160028415, A52010160028416, A52010160028424

A52010160028460, A52010160028459, A52010160028455, A52010160028452, A52010160028450

A52010160028451, A52010160028445, A52010160028444, A52010160028442, A52010160028440

A52010160028436, A52010160028434, A52010160028431, A52010160028428, A52010160028427

A52010160028426, A52010160028430, A52010160028429, A52010160028433, A52010160028435

A52010160028437, A52010160028438, A52010160028439, A52010160028443, A52010160028446

A52010160028447, A52010160028449, A52710160029310, A52610160029102, A52610160029104

A52610160029105, A52610160029108, A52610160029109, A52610160029112, A52610160029114

A52610160029117, A52610160029116, A52610160029120, A52610160029121, A52610160029125

A52610160029127, A52610160029129, A52610160029130, A52610160029131, A52610160029132

A52610160029134, A52610160029172, A52610160029174, A52610160029175, A52610160029178

A52610160029185, A52610160029182, A52610160029187, A52610160029188, A52610160029190

A52710160029362, A52610160029195, A52610160029199, A52610160029191, A52610160029200

A52610160029201, A52610160029203, A52710160029365, A52710160029388, A52710160029401

A52710160029397, A52710160029396, A52710160029394, A52710160029393, A52710160029390

A52710160029386, A52710160029373, A52710160029376, A52710160029383, A52710160029382

A52710160029385, A52710160029372, A52710160029348, A52710160029374, A52710160029377

A52710160029375, A52710160029379, A52710160029380, A52710160029381, A52710160029391

A52710160029384, A52710160029387, A52710160029392, A52710160029395, A52710160029398

A52710160029499, A52710160029282, A52610160029124, A52610160029123, A52610160029122

A52610160029119, A52610160029118, A52610160029115, A52610160029113, A52610160029111

A52610160029110, A52610160029107, A52610160029106, A52610160029141, A52610160029139

A52610160029133, A52610160029173, A52610160029176, A52610160029177, A52610160029180

A52610160029181, A52610160029183, A52610160029184, A52610160029186, A52610160029189

A52610160029192, A52610160029194, A52610160029197, A52610160029198, A52610160029193

A52610160029196, A52610160029202, A52610160029205