Nanoxx 9500, Echolink 7020 and hyro ( don't remember which model) are the Vantage 7100 clones so it was possible to load vantage software there by changing fourth byte of header from 1 ( Vantage byte) to 2 ( clone byte) so the beginning of the header for vantage was 0101 and for clones 0102. That's theory because I have never done that. But recently tired with constant Nanoxx's freezing I tried to load into it Vantage firmware and edited header and changed that byte. Got the message from Nanoxx that file is damaged or from different receiver. Then i looked at "kind of comments" for each line and noticed that Nanoxx has different bytes in 2nd line so I changed it as well. Then comments about bootloader became identical -- ANY X-300 was written in both firmwares. But result was the same -- Nanoxx refudes to accept firmware. Does anybody know the way of loading Vantage firmware into Nanoxx?