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Thread: Tutorials / FAQ for Azbox HD E2

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    Tutorials / FAQ for Azbox HD E2

    Here you have some Tutorials and faq

    [FAQ] Install E2 on a DOM replaced with a SD or CF adaptor

    SDHC / SD adaptor or CD adaptor doesn't like at all the partition change!
    So when you use such device ALWAYS do this:
    - start the upgrade / downgrade procedure and finish it.
    - Power OFF / Power ON your Azbox (not a reboot, the DOM needs to reinitialised and a reboot doesn't do it!!!)
    - Start again the same flashing (this time the partition will already be created, so the file copy will work properly).
    Then you won't have problem, otherwise for sure the file copy procedure gets corrupted.
    Ideally Azup.exe should ask to power off / power on after it change the partition, before starting to copy the new files.
    This works fine with a true DOM (original or Transcend one) but not at all with the SD(HC) or CF adaptor.
    In the adaptor it is clearly mentioned that the card is not hot swappable, but it seems that for this kind of adaptor, the fact to change the partition is like if you swap disk!

    [TUTO] How to mount a NFS shared directory

    If you have somewhere on your network a shared folder using NFS, you can mount it on your Azbox.
    NFS is the standard Linux/Unix sharing method.
    In windows world they use CIFS, so don't confuse NFS and CIFS.
    mount -t nfs IP_server:/share_server /where_you_want_on_Azbox_local_directory -o rw,nolock,intr,udp
    IP_server = IP address of your server (example: /share_server = the NFS share that you create on your server (example: /Media) /where_you_want_on_Azbox_local_directory = the mount point in your E2 Azbox (example: /media/MyServer) For example: We will create on the E2 Azbox a folder /media/MyServer where we will mount a share called Media on a server with IP: In telnet on your E2 Azbox:
    mkdir /media/MyServer
    mount -t nfs 192.168.100:/Media /media/MyServer -o rw,nolock,intr,udp
    To automount at each reboot your share please add the command line at the end of the: /etc/init.d/rcS file

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    Re: Tutorials / FAQ for Azbox HD E2


    Why do you always suppress the signature of the one (me) who originally create those tutorials?
    You can cut & paste but please respect the author and keep is signature.



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